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Leicester Linux Users Group

  • page last updated 2010-07-09

Tempory holding page untill we get Drupal sorted :)


  • Website: http://www.leicester.lug.org.uk
  • Established: 09/1999
  • Last updated: 07/2010
  • Status: Active
  • Region: East Midlands
  • Current LUG Master: Matt 'Splat' Evans
  • Past Lug Masters: Clive Jones, Gary Gilchrist.

Next Meeting - Thursday 9th September 2010

Computer Forensics - Gareth Lapworth

ROOM CHANGE: KE 215 - Same floor as the entrance.


The meetings are normallly held at the University Of Leicester, in seminar room 527 (or sometimes the room next door) in the Ken Edwards Building. The room is on the 5th floor, but the building entrance is on the second floor, so this is not as high as it sounds. The Ken Edwards Building is now more visible from the outside as the "School of Management" building.

There is a campus map at http://www2.le.ac.uk/maps/campusaccess.pdf which marks the KE building. The main entrance to the building is next to the Percy Gee building (students' union).

By 7pm parking should not be too much of a problem, although the entrance barriers may still be down (tell the security guard you have a meeting in the Ken Edwards building, and they should let you in OK). Entrance 1 (by Cannons Health club) or 2 (Mayors walk) are the ones that should be used.

There is a web page with details of how to get to the campus: http://www2.le.ac.uk/maps/

Thanks to Gilbert Laycock for booking us the room, and we hope to see you all there.


The following times are approximate guidelines.

7pm-7.30pm Machine set up and problem solving, general chatting, and introductions. This would give anyone doing a talk a chance to set up any demonstrations etc, and would be an opportunity for people who need help with an installation or other issue.

7.30pm-8.45pm Talk or discussion.

8.46pm-9.30pm Question and Answer session.

9.30pm- No meeting would be complete without a visit to the local pub, usually the Marquis of Wellington on London Road.

Mailing list

There is a mailing list setup for use with the group, managed using 'Mailman' : leicester@mailman.lug.org.uk

This is the list for the general discussion of Linux related topics that are relevant to the users. Note that this may be used for general help queries as long as you are a local user - other users should look towards one of the Linux related newsgroups or a local user group for aid. This list is also used for announcements (about events, meetings, etc) from the LUG coordinators.

Subscribing to the list

Mailman has a simple to use web interface, which can be found at: http://mailman.lug.org.uk/mailman/listinfo/leicester You will need to enter your email address, and a password.

You will need to approve the subscription, to help ensure that the mail list is not abused. When you receive the approval message from Mailman, follow the instructions in the message.

Managing your access to the mailing list

All list management request (eg subscribing/unsubscribing) can be handled using the web interface mentioned above. Full details will be contained in the introductory email you will receive on joining the list.

Sending mail to the list

All email to the mailing list itself (once you have subscribed) should be sent to leicester@mailman.lug.org.uk - this will then be distributed to all subscribers on the list. Please note: If you are not subscribed to mailing list, your mail will not be delivered to it. If you wish to send email to the list, you will have to subscribe to it first.


For those who like a but if idle chatter, come find us on Internet Relay Chat

Server: irc.lug.org.uk Port: 6667 Channel: #leicester

General Behaviour on the Lists & IRC

The discussion list is not moderated, so please consider the following when posting. Note that we reserve the right to unsubscribe any user if we feel that the situation warrants such action.

  • Please keep to positive statements (remember the Leicester LUG as a body is 'pro-Linux', not necessarily 'anti-anything').
  • Please trim replies to the list - there should rarely be a need to echo back the complete text of someone else's email. Long messages increase telephone bills for dial-up modem users and mobile 'phone users, and increase the mail server load. * Please send mail in plain text format, not HTML.
  • Off-topic discussions are allowed within reason, but please mark mailings as such by including [OT] in the subject line. Discussions on areas such as politics or religon are not permitted, as people will never agree and such discussions often become heated and result in flame wars.
  • Please do not send any mail which may possibly offend.
  • When starting a new thread, please send a fresh mail to the list, do not reply to an existing mail to the list. Replying to an existing message annoys users of mail clients which thread messages.
  • As a general rule, people are quite helpful on the list, but when asking a question about some aspect of Linux, please consider the following :
    • Have as much detailed information about the query as is possible o Check some of the existing on-line documentation if possible
    • There are a number of new users on the list - so don't be afraid of asking a silly question !
    • A good guide to asking questions on a mailing list can be found at http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html
  • The mailing list has a very high signal to noise ratio. Please don't spoil that by posting your own adverts or agency job adverts. If you require any clarification, please contact the list administrator.


Lug Master: Matt 'Splat' Evans

Best to reach us all on IRC and the Mailing list :)